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CV Builder (CVB) is a boutique Professional Resume Writing and Content Creating firm which helps a Job seeking professional to position his candidature in an impactful manner and with much more clarity.

For a Professional seeking a job opportunity, it becomes crucial for his candidature to be shortlisted for an Interview. At CV Builder, our primary goal is to increase the chances of the Candidate’s CV being shortlisted for the Job Opening. We believe that, for a good Resource, the battle is won by getting him / her to the interview room. From thereon, the Professional’s skills & competencies will get him over the goal post.

Why Us?

A good Resume opens doors and unchains multiple opportunities for the Job Seeker. Hence, it is critical that a Candidate puts his / her best foot forward with a good Resume which positions their candidature correctly and impactfully the first time Repeated studies have shown that a Candidate has less than 5 minutes to showcase his Candidature to the Recruiter.
CVB has multiple strengths which most Professional Resume Writing firms lack. These strengths go a long way in helping position the Candidate accurately in the eyes of a Recruiter.
These are
  • The content creation team is drawn from Industries and they come with many years of handling functional roles and responsibilities. This helps them understand the Candidate’s functional strengths and hence will be able to translate them into specific and impactful content while avoiding generic and motherhood statements in the Resume
  • The Content Team at CVB also comes with a Recruitment background. This helps us develop the right content which appeals to the Recruiter and also to match what the Recruiter is looking for and it makes the Resume as the most critical influencer in this process of winning the opportunity to get to the Job Interview and eventually the DREAM JOB


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